Information and changes to come!

Good evening! I hope you had a great summer and that you enjoy the last days of vacation for those who still have it, or are you happy to have returned to work? Or that the return to school is already there? 😉
In any case I come here to inform you of several things:

The first is that the Myrtilla Box which will be delivered in September, is available on order only until August 26. Orders made from August 27 will be taken into account for the November box.

The second thing is that now the box is available in version without make-up also! To change your preferences, simply go to your account and change your beauty profile before August 27 also: Instead of makeup, you will receive a handcrafted treatment.

The third and last info, the most important, is that we will soon set up a different price for the box. The new price will be a little higher, but there will be reductions on subscriptions of several boxes. When I launched the box I wanted to not put too high a price so that it suited different budgets. Despite the advice of my companion (who is the creator of the site), I did not listen to it… this is why currently the prices are not decreasing if you buy a subscription of 2 or 3 boxes. 

Beginner's error? Lack of self-confidence ? Fear, apprehension of change? Probably ! By creating this beauty box I discovered other facets that I did not know about my personality, and I have to learn to tame them. It's not easy to face the unknown, you have to make a lot of decisions, the results of which you don't know in advance.

The change will surely be made for the next box, that of November, but you will be informed quickly.

Why this change?
I change the prices so that I can also select another range of products, from another budget. I will be less limited in my choices and I could offer you products also of higher value!

People who have ordered several boxes previously, will not see their price change. The price change comes into play for new subscriptions and purchases from August 27. Automatic renewals will be made with the new prices, unless canceled by you.

I am sure you will understand my approach and I thank you in advance!

And I think it's important to clarify that craft products yes, can be more expensive than the ones you buy in store! Why ? Because artisans do not make hundreds or thousands of products at a time, like the big brands. The products are not produced in distant countries, by men and women who are underpaid and work in poor conditions. The Swiss craftsmen collaborating for the Myrtilla Box manufacture by hand their products, sometimes alone, sometimes helped. Handicraft has a price, yes!

If the box does not have 120.- of product value, it is just not possible in fact, unlike other boxes (beauty or not!) 🙂
I will fully understand that the box does not interest you anymore if the price changes, on the other hand I will be delighted that you still like it despite the change in price! 🙂 

In any case, I am proud to have created this box, proud to contribute to turning the local economy while supporting the work of Swiss artisans and using their great products! 😀 And I'm really happy to introduce you to new brands with each edition! 😀
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having embarked on this adventure with me, thank you for placing your trust in me and for your patience, understanding and the wonderful kindness that I receive on a daily basis!
A beautiful evening (or day!) To you and thank you for reading me!


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PPS : Reminder: don't forget to modify or complete your beauty profile if you haven't already!

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