The September Myrtilla Box!

The Myrtilla Box is a surprise beauty box and bimonthly (it comes out every 2 months) which highlights artisan cosmetics. But now there is also a Mini Box! 😀

In the Myrtilla Box you can find 5 products:

  • Handcrafted washable cotton
  • 3 products made by Swiss artisans (one for the hair, one for the face and one for the body)
  • Your choice: natural / organic makeup or another treatment

The Myrtilla Box is sold at a price of 69.90 CHF shipping fee included

In the Mini Box you can find 2 products:

  • 2 handcrafted cosmetics, among those from the Myrtilla Box (for hair, face or body)
  • no makeup, no washable cotton
  • the total value of the products is always higher than the price of the box

The Mini Box is sold at the price of 39.90 CHF shipping fee included

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The total value of the products will always be higher than the price you pay.

The contents of the September box

This pretty wipe is made with one side in cozy bamboo terry cloth, and one side in plain white “wellness” fabric. It is therefore 40% bamboo, 40% polyester and 20% cotton, certified OEKO-TEX standard 100 It is washable at 40 ° maximum so that it always remains as soft after washing, and in a net so that it does not become lose!

A care for the eye area, it was a long time! The last time (in November 2020) there was a roll-on, and this time a nourishing cream enriched with hyaluronic acid to take care of your eye area!

A scrub to gently exfoliate your skin, to remove small dead skin or to nourish it! For my part, I really like to exfoliate my feet, it nourishes them at the same time and they are less dry! The packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable 😉

I selected this sheathing leave-in serum that beautifies and restores light to dull hair. For smooth and fine hair, a little product is enough.
To be used as a treatment before shampooing if the finish is too oily. For curly / wavy hair, it can be used before applying styling products.

For people who do not want makeup, I have selected a nice discovery made recently, the body balm with shea, apricot and coconut from & The Green! Indeed, I am particularly fond of the hyper airy texture like a cloud, and the original fragrance of this product!
The packaging is also 100% recyclable, what more could you ask for? Ah yes the product is very nourishing while having a light finish! 😀

For people who chose the makeup option, there was one of these 2 glosses, from a new makeup brand that appeared in the box: All Tigers!
It does not stick, it smells good, but without being cloying and it has a shiny finish without glitter. A little touch is enough to just embellish and color the lips, without drying them out.

Find it on!

The Mini Box as for it, contained the eye contour treatment and the body scrub! 🙂

And There you go ! The next box is the one for November, and it should be ordered before October 25, and will arrive mid-November 🙂

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