The Myrtilla Box of May!

The May box was a bit special, because it was a bit festive, in fact we were celebrating the box's 2 years! Inside there were therefore not only the usual products for the face, body and hair, as well as washable cotton and makeup (for subscribers who wanted them), but also little surprises more ! The most loyal subscribers also received 1-2 little extra things 🙂

Don't know what the Myrtilla Box is?

A little reminder of the concept:

It is a surprise beauty box and bimonthly (it comes out every 2 months) which highlights artisan cosmetics. But now there is also a Mini Box! 😀

In the Myrtilla Box you can find 5 products:

  • Washable cotton made by a Swiss craftsman
  • 3 products made by Swiss artisans (one for the hair, one for the face and one for the body)
  • Your choice: natural / organic makeup or another treatment

The Myrtilla Box is sold at a price of 69.90 CHF shipping fee included

In the Mini Box you can find 2 products:

  • 2 handcrafted cosmetics, among those from the Myrtilla Box (for hair, face or body)
  • no makeup, no washable cotton
  • the total value of the products is always higher than the price of the box

The Mini Box is sold at the price of 39.90 CHF shipping fee included

The total value of the products will always be higher than the price you pay.

For example for this May edition, the Myrtilla Box had a value between 73 and 81 CHF! That is to say that if you had bought each product individually, you will have paid more than 73 CHF and the shipping costs x5 products. There are some editions where the value of the box goes beyond 100 CHF too 🙂

In addition, this edition was a bit special because it contained little more surprises 🙂

The contents of the May Myrtilla Box!

Washable cotton was made by CREA DE DI,
who comes from the canton of Vaud 🙂

However, they are sold in packs of 6 on the online store 🙂 They are soft as a cloud 😍

The facial treatment was the cleansing foam of BENEDICT, which also comes from the canton of Vaud. She smells really good!

There is currently an offer of 20.- reduction from 50.- of purchases on, with the BOX promo code (valid until June 30) if you want to discover its cosmetics 🙂

The body care was an after-sun milk from S&C COSMETICS ! It comes from the canton of Valais 🙂 Unfortunately it will not be available on the online store 🙁

The hair care was different depending on what the customer wrote in her beauty profile about the nature of her hair.

Indeed for quickly oily hair, or for curly hair, or if the person has an irritated scalp, an aloe vera gel from the Friborg brand NATURAL M&O was selected for her!

Indeed the benefits of aloe vera are multiple! If the subscriber does not want to use it on her hair, she can also use it for the skin 🙂

Otherwise people with dry hair, without other problems, received a hair mask with beer and cocoa from the Bernese brand. YEMANJA !

It has a particular texture, it is golden with micro-glitter! And has a cooling effect on the head, you will see! 🙂 It will be more pleasant in summer than in winter on the other hand 😉

And finally, the last product being either makeup or care.

And for the makeup this time I selected pigments from the Vaud brand GOOD MOOD SPARKLE 🙂 They shine brilliantly! 😍

Regarding the care, as at the base I wanted to select a product for the bath, I chose the bath bombs from A BREAKFAST AND THEN SOAP, trademark of the canton of Neuchâtel. I chose 3 different flavors between “candy strawberry, gourmet vanilla and raspberry blackberries” and each subscriber received a bath bomb randomly. Finally, among those who had checked the box “bath products”!

Indeed, subscribers who do not have a bath or do not wish to receive a bath product, they have received a Valais honey soap from the Valais brand. THERE NATURAL COSM'ETHICS ! And it smells divine 😍

Yes, the Myrtilla Box is a personalized box! 🙂

Useful links : ➡️ The online store ! Find the artisan cosmetics that appeared in the boxes! 🙂

➡️ Orders for the July Myrtilla Box are open until June 25, 2021 

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