The Myrtilla Box of March!

The Myrtilla Box of March has arrived, and this is the 6th edition! Still brands that I like a lot, I'm so happy!

Little reminder of the concept of the Myrtilla Box:

It's a box bimonthly (it comes out every 2 months) which highlights artisanal cosmetics. Indeed in each box you can find 5 products:

  • Washable cotton made by a Swiss craftsman
  • 3 products made by Swiss craftsmen (one for the body, one for the hair and one for the face)
  • You can choose: organic make-up (not Swiss) or a handcrafted fourth treatment!

The Myrtilla Box is sold at a price of 69.90 CHF, shipping costs are included in the price and the total value of the products will always be higher than the price you pay. For example, for this March edition, the box has a value between 80 and 90 CHF! That is to say that if you had bought each product individually, you will have paid more than 80 CHF (and shipping costs x5 products).

The contents of the Myrtilla Box of March

In each box there is a booklet which contains information on the choice and use of the product, but also on the source and its price!

Exceptionally, there were 6 products in total in this box! 🙂

Washable cotton: Ptit'Sol - craftswoman from the canton of Vaud

Pti'Sol's cottons are made from organic cotton and I particularly liked the slightly fluffy texture on one side! The pretty floral patterns of the fabric go well with the arrival of spring, don't you think? After using it to remove make-up (or apply a lotion), I advise you to clean it with a soap (one of the box for example 😉) and then to put it in the washing machine, without forgetting to put it in a net so that it does not get lost in the machine!

To buy it : sold by kit of 7 cottons on his Instagram account (@ptit_sol) at the price of CHF 15 per kit or on

1er facial care : ECORCE VERTE face cream from the canton of VAUD

We have carefully examined your beauty profile and selected the most suitable cream according to its ingredients, according to your age and your skin criteria. It is better to put little product on your face because Green Bark creams are very rich, unlike most conventional creams.

We also advise you to be more attentive to the benefits of the ingredients and to the sensation on the skin and its effectiveness, rather than to the name of the cream 🙂

To buy it : between 27 and 35 CHF depending on the cream, on or !

2th facial care : Micellar water from ARTÉLICE, from the canton of VAUD

Micellar water is used to cleanse the face well, either after removing your makeup, or before applying makeup, and before using any serum or moisturizer.
It has been selected according to your skin type too! Acneic skin received Aromaperfection micellar water, and the rest received Basica.

To buy it : 15 CHF the 100ml on Or on

Hair care : Detangling spray from LES Fées MOUSSES, from the canton of VAUD

I chose this spray for two reasons: it smells great of shea, and in addition it detangles hair very well! But I admit that personally I use it especially to perfume my hair 😛 Good if not for correct use, you must apply it on damp and clean hair and shake the bottle before use, in order to detangle your hair well!

To buy it : 15 CHF for 100ml on Or on !

Body care : Solid soaps made by different Swiss craftsmen:

Un savon est sélectionné de manière aléatoire pour vous parmi ces 4 marques :

Himalayan pink salt soap from Little Chipie, from the canton of BERNE 
To buy it : 9.50 CHF on Or on !

Scent of the Islands Soap In Touch, from the canton of VALAIS 
 To buy it : 8.95 CHF on Or on !

Pomegranate soap Dream of bubbles, of the canton of FRIBORG 
 To buy it : 9 CHF on Or on !

Philtre d'Amour soap Denise's garden, from the canton of GENEVA 
To buy it : 9 CHF on Or on !

Choice of product: if you have selected a treatment :

FORÊT BLEUE Lip Scrub, from the canton of GENEVA

I discovered this brand last year and I fell in love with their products! For now I only select the lip scrub, but other products will follow in a few boxes, normally! This product is very useful in order to no longer have small dead skin on your lips, which makes the application of a lip balm or lipstick much easier and brings a prettier look! 

To buy it : 14.95 CHF on Or on !

Product of choice: if you have selected make-up :

LILY LOLO natural gloss, sold by NATURAL M&O - reseller of natural products and Swiss craftsman of the canton of FRIBORG

I admit that after discovering these glosses, I told myself that you absolutely had to discover one in the Myrtilla Box! However, I chose the same shade for everyone despite what you noted in your beauty profile. Why ? For several reasons: the colors to choose are rather similar, I preferred to choose only one. And as it is a gloss, I prefer to select a discreet color to avoid any possible transfer J I hope you will understand my choice! The color chosen (Peachy Keen) is really versatile and for all seasons, don't you think? Little extra: it doesn't stick!

To buy it : 13.50 CHF on !

For this edition I have chosen products from 5 to 6 artisans! Some had already been part of the box and others not yet 🙂

And if you don't know it yet, on you will find not only all the cosmetics of this box and of the previous ones, on sale individually, but also of other products! For rules, for cooking, stickers, delicacies, zero waste ... etc! 🙂

Useful links :

And you what do you think ? Have you already ordered or received it? 

(below, examples of boxes received by subscribers)


  1. First box and more than happy! Too bad I did not come across this site earlier during my box searches.
    Huge crush on the soap which smells so good that I have not yet dared to use it. The face cream is superb too! Ah and the detangling spray, great !!! Too bad the smell doesn't stay longer longtemps. Thank you for these great products!

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