The July Myrtilla Box!

That's it, it arrived a few days ago at subscribers! She is really cool and has products that make a little wink in the summer 😀

Small reminder of the concept:

It's a box bimonthly (it comes out every 2 months) which highlights artisanal cosmetics. Indeed in each box you can find 5 products:

  • Washable cotton made by a Swiss craftsman
  • 3 products made by Swiss craftsmen (one for the body, one for the hair and one for the face)
  • You can choose: organic make-up (not Swiss) or a handcrafted fourth treatment!

The Myrtilla Box is sold at a price of 69.90 CHF, shipping costs are included in the price and the total value of the products will always be higher than the price you pay. For example for this July edition, the box has a value of more than 100 CHF! That is to say that if you had bought each product individually, you will have paid more than 100 CHF (and the shipping costs x5 products).

The contents of the Myrtilla Box of July

In each box is a booklet that contains information on the choice and use of the product, but also on the origin and its price! There are 2 different ones, because one is for people who have selected the skincare option and the other for the makeup option, in the profile beauty 🙂

Products !

And if you do not know it yet, on you will not only find all the cosmetics from this box and the previous ones, on sale individually, but also other products! For the rules, for the kitchen, stickers, products for pregnant women, for breastfeeding, babies, delicacies, zero waste… etc! 🙂

Useful links :

Do not hesitate to order the next box!

Orders for the September Myrtilla Box are open until August 25, 2020!


  1. Hello,

    I am from Reunion Island, I would like to know if it is possible to bring a box please. Thank you.

    • Hello ! Thank you for your message, but unfortunately for the moment the box is only delivered in Switzerland. On the other hand, it is likely that in 2021 it will also be delivered abroad. We will keep you informed ! Thank you and have a good day !

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