The July Myrtilla Box!

The Myrtilla Box is a surprise beauty box and bimonthly (it comes out every 2 months) which highlights artisan cosmetics. But now there is also a Mini Box! 😀

The contents of the Myrtilla Box for July!

Washable cotton was made by HELLO HAPPINESS,
who comes from the canton of Neuchâtel 🙂

However, they are sold in packs of 7 here on 🙂 They are soft as a cloud 😍

Glitter Face & Body Cream was made by MAMY SLOW, brand that comes from the canton of Friborg 🙂

The cream smells like cherry blossoms 😊 The glitter is present, but discreet! Do you like it when there are microphones like here or do you prefer when there is none? 😊

Conditioner Hair Balm was made by THE LITTLE FABRIQUE, a brand that comes from the canton of Friborg!

This product is great for all hair types 😊 Besides, for my curly hair I apply it as a leave-in treatment to form my curls 😊 but if you have straight hair, it may be suitable for you as a conditioner! What use have you made of it elsewhere?

The makeup remover oil was made by GOLDEN TREE, brand that comes from the canton of Valais 🙂

Personally I use it directly on my fingers which I rub on my eyelashes and my face, then as the oil does not emulsify with water, I take a washable cotton pad that I run under water and I rinse myself the face with. In a few seconds you're done! 😃 Did you like her? 😊⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Subscribers who did not want makeup, received toothpaste made by S&C NATURAL COSMETICS, a brand that comes from Valais 🙂
Subscribers who wanted products without essential oils received the pomegranate version (left) and others received the basic mint version (right).

BB cream or organic foundation from ORGANIC PURO were in the July box for subscribers wishing make-up, and more particularly foundations / BB cream!

Basically I would have liked to use only BB cream, but a small setback meant that for some subscribers, I used the foundation instead.
If the shade chosen according to your beauty profile is too light for you, do not hesitate to wait for winter 🙂 I hope you like the product, for me it is a recent and great discovery! 🙂
You will find them on!

The Mini Box, for its part, contained La Petite Fabriqu Cream Conditionere and the toothpaste from S&C Natural Cosmetics 🙂

Yes, the Myrtilla Box is a personalized box! 🙂 what did you think of this edition?

Useful links : ➡️ The online store ! Find the Swiss cosmetics that appeared in the boxes! 🙂

➡️ Orders for the September Myrtilla Box are open until August 25, 2021 

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