The contents of the Myrtilla Box for July!

Myrtilla Box subscribers received it on Wednesday July 17 in their mailbox! I am very happy with this selection, I like it a lot and I am still using the selected products even now!

As a reminder, the Myrtilla Box is a Swiss beauty box, which highlights Swiss artisan cosmetics and natural / organic makeup. There is also a washable cotton made in Switzerland, in each box! And little novelty July: the box is now available for sale in version without makeup ! Instead you will receive a treatment for the face, body or hair.

If you have already ordered the September box, you can change your choice in your beauty profile, this will be taken into account, don't worry!

Other information :

  • Bi-monthly box (delivered every 2 months to avoid overconsumption)
  • The prices
    • 55 CHF per box
    • 110 CHF for 2 boxes
    • 165 CHF for 3 boxes +1 surprise product in the 3rd box
  • Free shipping
  • 5 products per box
    • washable cotton
    • a facial treatment
    • a body treatment
    • hair care
    • natural / organic makeup OR another care.
    • All treatments and cottons are handcrafted in Switzerland
  • Box available for men too! To be specified in the beauty profile in order to receive personalized care.

The contents of the Myrtilla Box of July

Washable cotton - Artisan: Rachel Kaufmann 2.0

I chose Rachel's cottons because I've been using them for a few months now and in addition to being super pretty, they are also very soft and hold up well to washing! I put a copy in each box, at random 🙂

To buy it : 3 CHF on his account Facebook or Instagram : rachelkaufmann2.0
(sold only in sets of 7 cottons for 21 CHF)

The facial treatment - Artisanes Zhandumaya - Nigella day serum

I find that this serum smells super good, plus it penetrates the skin quite quickly without leaving a greasy effect!

To buy it : 25 CHF on the website

Body care - Artisane La Petite Fabrique - “Abracadabra” deodorant

That of La Petite Fabrique is one of my favorites in terms of efficiency! The application is pleasant, I like the scent a lot and the efficiency is there, even during hot weather or long days! I already talked about it on the blog with other brand products if you are interested!

To buy it : 15 CHF on the website

Deodorant for pregnant / breastfeeding women: “The infallible” by the artisan Le Jardin De Denise

For pregnant / breastfeeding women subscribing to the box, I put this deodorant! I did not test it because personally I went to the version with essential oils, but I chose this deodorant because I do not doubt the effectiveness of Denise's products! This one does not contain essential oils, which is perfect for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

To buy it : 10 CHF on the website

Hair care - Artisanes Good Mood Sparkle - “A Flower In Your Hair” solid conditioner

I love this conditioner so much that I have already finished one and bought another! On me I noticed that it made the hair softer and I didn't have a problem when detangling, but I didn't especially have a lot of knots.

To buy it : 16 CHF on the website

Organic makeup - organic Jungle Length mascara by Boho Green Makeup - resold by Simply Bio

Here is one of the last organic mascaras that I tested and really liked! I warn you, the rendering will be optimal after about a week of use, do not be fooled by the result of its first use! I like to use it because it lengthens my lashes well, even when I don't curl them with an eyelash curler first. It lasts until the evening without running and has a magnificent packaging!

To buy it : 18.90 CHF on the website

The explanatory booklet

In each box there is a booklet explaining my choice on the products present in the box, as well as my little tips for using them, where they come from, where to buy them etc. 🙂 For orders from Ticino, it is also written in Italian.

In conclusion

The July box contained products with a minimum value of 70 CHF and all cosmetics and cottons are made in different cantons in Switzerland! 🙂

The box is also available in version without makeup, as explained at the beginning, you choose the option in the beauty profile, even if you have already ordered you can change your option.

I hope you liked the selection! Feel free to tell me what you thought of these products and the selection!

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