The contents of the Myrtilla Box for September!

The box was received by subscribers on Thursday, September 19! I am always impatient to hear people's opinions on the products, the selection… I hope it has been liked! 😀

As a reminder, the Myrtilla Box is a Swiss beauty box, which highlights Swiss artisanal cosmetics and natural / organic makeup. There is also a washable cotton made in Switzerland, in each box! It is also available for sale in version without makeup, instead you will receive a care for the face, body or hair.

You can also take a subscription over several months and change your beauty profile every month, it's doable! The September box was available with the old price at 55 CHF including shipping. The value of all products in the box is 63 CHF.

Other information :

  • Bi-monthly box (delivered every 2 months to avoid overconsumption)
  • The new prices
    • 69 CHF per box
    • 133 CHF for 2 boxes (instead of 139.80 CHF)
    • 195 CHF for 3 boxes (instead of 209.70 CHF)
  • Free shipping
  • 5 products per box
    • washable cotton
    • a facial treatment
    • a body treatment
    • hair care
    • natural / organic makeup OR another care.
    • All treatments and cottons are handcrafted in Switzerland
  • Box available for men too! To be specified in the beauty profile in order to receive personalized care.

Here is the content of the September box:

Washable cotton - Craftswomen: Api Care (Canton of Friborg)

I chose Api Care's organic cottons, because I was won over after trying them a few months ago! I find them incredibly soft, and the softness lasts after many washes! To try them is to adopt them, you will see! I forgot to photograph the side to remove makeup, but frankly it's so soft that it feels like a cloud!

To buy it : sold only by kit of 5 cottons for 25.50 CHF on the website

Face care - Artisan: Terres Sauvages Swiss Cosmetics - Mango or vanilla lip balm! (Canton of Neuchâtel)

Lip balm is part of the “face” category, right? And as we never have enough and those of Marie smell super good and are very effective, I chose them! In each box there is a random scent between vanilla and mango, but as much to tell you that the two are equal and they are both very nourishing.

To buy it : 9 CHF on the website

Body care - Craftswoman: Kaline - Foot care balm (Canton Vaud)

This foot care has a soothing scent and the balm itself is very effective. I use it especially in the evening before going to bed, with the sock technique: I apply a good amount of balm on my feet, then I put on my socks, so as not to soil the sheets. I leave it on all night and in the morning I have very soft feet! Ideal with autumn coming nicely!

To buy it : 15 CHF for 30ml on the website

Hair care - Artisanes Good Mood Sparkle - "Flax Your Life" hydrating serum (Canton Vaud)

It is a serum for face and hair, but I chose it mainly for its effectiveness on the hair! He personally amazed me!

On my curly hair it defines my curls without giving them a cardboard appearance. On smooth hair, it prevents small frizz among others! Apply in small quantities and keep cool and protected from light.

To buy it : 9 CHF for 30ml on the website

Organic make-up - Rouge 100% natural by Couleur Caramel - sold by Attitude Bio

And as makeup I this time opted for a blush, otherwise called "blush"! Why did I choose those from Couleur Caramel? Because they are natural and organic! In addition you can leave it in its small protection to store it or you can transfer it to a magnetic pallet in order to transport it without risk of breakage. Another little tip: it is well pigmented, apply a little at a time!

To buy it : 26.95 CHF at the Attitude Bio store in Carouge (Geneva)
Find here all the sales outlets of the Couleur Caramel brand:

And for those who do not wish to receive makeup:

Care: “Passionata” face and body scrub - Artisan: S&C Natural Cosmetics (Canton of Valais)

I had been able to test this scrub a few months ago and I liked it very much, but I had tested the scent with green tea. When Sandrine told me that the Passionata scent had the same perfume as her Complexion Elixir that I had tested and that smelled super good, I did not resist and so it was the perfume that I chose! It is as effective on the body as on the face in addition, in short I validate and I hope you do too!

To buy it : 25 CHF for 250g on the website

The explanatory booklet

In each box is a booklet explaining my choice on the products present in the box, as well as my little tips for using them, where they come from, where to buy them etc? For orders from Ticino, it is also written in Italian.

In conclusion

The September box contained products worth a minimum of CHF 63 (the old price of CHF 55 was still in effect) and all cosmetics and cottons are made in different cantons in Switzerland! 🙂

The box is also available in version without makeup, as explained at the beginning, you choose the option in the beauty profile, even if you have already ordered you can change your option.

I hope you liked the selection! Feel free to tell me what you thought of these products and the selection!

The November box will contain more than 100 CHF worth of products in total!

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