The contents of the May Myrtilla Box!

Monday morning the first Myrtilla Box was delivered! And on Wednesday, the people who ordered it received it in their mailbox. In this article I present it to you briefly, if you want more details on the products, as well as my opinion on them, I invite you to consult my blog !

The contents of the May box, n. 1!

The May box contains:
- A hand-made washable cotton
- A facial treatment
- A body treatment (handcrafted)
- Hair care (handcrafted)
- Make-up
- Extra: lip care (artisanal)

And more particularly :

Washable cotton realized by From Letters to Letters. I asked him to make cottons with two different prints, and I selected one at random for each of the boxes.

A product for facial care: Nüe solid makeup remover of the Pachamamaï brand ! It is sold by Simply Bio at the price of 8.50 CHF and I chose the mini format. It is also available in a large format, but it is in a cardboard packaging, unlike the mini version which is in a small aluminum container.

A body care product: One In A Melon body butter of the brand's Rhino range Good Mood Sparkle, which is sold for 15 CHF! It is a product which is a preview in the box, indeed it will not be sold until the beginning of June on their site and you will not find it anywhere else before! 😀

A hair care product: solid shampoo of Le Garden of Denise ! According to the beauty profile that the customers filled, one of the 5 solid shampoos sold on the site was chosen. His price ? 9 CHF.

Natural makeup: an organic lipstick of the Avril Beauté brand, which is sold in Switzerland by Beauty By Ely at the price of 8 CHF! I chose a shade according to the beauty profile filled in beforehand! 🙂

A little extra! Lip scrub of the brand S&C Natural Cosmetics, sold at the price of 7 CHF on its site.

The total value of the products is 49.50 CHF. For the next box, the one that will be delivered in July, the total value will be much higher than the price of the box! 🙂

In each box there is also a booklet which presents the choice of products, their provenance, how to use them, where to find them and for what price 😀

Thank you for your trust !

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