The concept

The Myrtilla Box is a Swiss beauty box which contains 5 products (in large format most of the time), of which 4 products are made by Swiss craftsmen. In each box you will find:

  • Washable cotton made by a Swiss craftsman
  • Three skincare products: one for the face, one for the body and one for the hair (all handcrafted in Switzerland!)
  • A natural and / or organic make-up product, not necessarily Swiss, but sold by a Swiss supplier.

The Myrtilla Box is a box bimonthly, that is to say that she is delivered every two months. Why ?

For several reasons: for avoid overconsumption of products in particular, but also to give you the possibility of finishing most of the products before receiving others and also to give the necessary time for the craftsmen to produce the quantities necessary for the boxes!

By purchasing the Myrtilla Box, you support the work of Swiss craftsmen and thus promote local economy. The products are made by hand and not by machines or robots. Behind each product there is the story of a person, a reason for its creation. The products are not not tested on animals.

For each box a delay of approximately 4 weeks is envisaged for the manufacture of your products according to your personal needs, which means that sometimes your first box will arrive a little late, but then you will receive it every two months.

Sometimes you will also have the opportunity to discover solid products, which means zero waste!

Another important feature of this box is that when creating your account, you can fill in your beauty profile. So I will select products based on your skin type, hair, makeup habits, etc. As far as possible obviously! 🙂

People making cosmetics for sale have standards to be respected established by the Swiss Confederation, in particular in terms of hygiene, labeling and ingredients to be listed correctly. I made sure to contact only artisans whose cosmetics meet these standards, and I try to test most of the products that will be present in the box, in order to offer you products that I already like and that I think and hope you will like it too!