Candle “Sweetness of Twilight” (Bat) - SERENITAM

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Candle “Sweetness of Twilight” (Bat) - SERENITAM

Scents: Lapis Lazuli, Dried flowers of rose and forsythia.


  • This handmade candle contains small dried flowers that can catch fire. You can remove them from the first use, or take care to move them away from the wick. The stones can also be collected during the first use.
  • Do not leave the burning candle unattended.
  • Light the candle for a maximum of 2 hours to prevent your support from overheating.
  • Do not carry the candle if it is lit.
  • Keep the small box to store your little mysteries.


  • Cotton wick.
  • Dried flowers from the production of Serenitam or a Swiss producer.
  • Fine stones.
  • All the waxes used for my candles are natural (soya or Swiss rapeseed) as well as the essential oils in order to offer you a healthy and reasoned product. In fact, the “classic” candles that you find on the market are very often composed of paraffin and perfumes from petrochemicals. They are therefore harmful during combustion, harmful for your cottage and for the environment!
  • Paper label.
  • Reusable metal box.


Imagine the sun going down, the moon slowly appearing, and the forest coming to life in a calm disturbed by the wind 🍃🌙. This moon candle, lit at nightfall, will reveal the energy of the lapis lazuli within it.

The lapis lazuli present in this candle reinforces the intention of communication, confidence, relaxation.

Pretty dried flowers decorate the natural wax candle. The flowers come in part from the production of Serenitam. You'll find forsythia petals, rose petals, and hawkweed flowers.

This handmade candle is a limited edition. It is hand poured. 100ml for about 20 hours of enchanted combustion!

The composition of each candle is carefully crafted and carefully considered so that the candle takes you into a relaxing atmosphere out of time. Each candle is unique and therefore slightly different from the photo.

Craftswoman : Serenitam
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