Patricia and Andréa, mother and daughter aged 55 and 30, are the creators of the brand. Zhandumaya is a sweet family story! They are located in Geneva and their workshop is located in the family home.

Why does their brand have this name? It is the story of a superb trip to Colombia as close as possible to their roots, in our country of origin. In the heights of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta lives an isolated people, respecting the biodiversity and the energy of the Earth. These people are called the Kogi Indians and in their dialect Zhandumaya means star. This meeting with the Kogis was so magical and memorable that this word remained anchored in their hearts. It is therefore quite natural that their project took this name with starry dreams.  

They launched their brand because 5 years ago, it was awareness for Andrea, who feels the desire to return to a more healthy and natural life. Moreover, she decides to stop her contraceptive pill, but this stop shakes up her body to the point that a violent hormonal imbalance attacks her health and her physical appearance. It was during this period that the question of the benefits of plants and vegetable oils arose and they together discovered training in natural cosmetology. The journey to the heart of natural ingredients begins, and from recipe to recipe, they develop products that are gentle on the body and on the planet, and test their effectiveness on Andrea's problems. Over the weeks and months, her condition improves and she gradually regains her radiance and her young woman's smile. Their recipes reveal the power and purest virtues of the ingredients they use to help the body balance itself and regain its natural rights. 

What are their favorite products? They are particularly proud of their hair range and their deodorant.

Where to find Zhandumaya products?  
- On the website : www.zhandumaya.com

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