Up there Natural Cosmethics

Amandine is 34 years old and lives in Saxon in Valais, in a real little corner of paradise next to a huge forest and at the foot of Pierre Avoi! She is a commercial employee (CFC) and specialized as a purchasing assistant (certificate). At the end of 2018 she followed my first training in the manufacture of natural cosmetics and in February 2019 a training on the laws of cosmetic products and how to put together a file (DIP - cosmetic product information file) in view of the new law which will come into effect. force in April 2021. And his last training in the subject was in September 2019, making soaps using the cold saponification method. Her hobbies are the manufacture of cosmetics and soaps, mountain walks, skiing, cycling, climbing, she loves everything in the mountains and in contact with nature!

She has always been close to nature and animals, she likes to find zero waste solutions for everyday life, natural solutions for the maintenance of the house, the garden, etc ... but also because she has always had fragile skin ( especially on the face) and very dry and no product has really worked. It was when she began to lean and delve deeply into the composition of the products, even the so-called “healthy and natural” ones, that she almost fell backwards… so bad was the composition in the end. our health, our planet and not that natural.

She therefore became more deeply interested in the world of plants, vegetable oils and natural products, made her first tests in cosmetics and there, her skin comes back to life, it's happiness! She received her first training in the manufacture of natural cosmetics in 2018 and launched Là-Haut Cosm'éthiques Naturels in February 2019.

Why does his brand have this name? Because she lives in altitude, she loves the mountains and being there precisely 😉 She lives just below the Pierre Avoi which is precisely her logo. It was her brother who drew it from a photo she took. And Cosm'éthiques because they are cosmetics for our well-being but also for that of our planet. Everything is 100% made by itself, in the heart of the Valais Alps, with respect for the environment and wildlife.

Out of all the products she makes, what are her favorites? The solid apricot balm, because it can be applied on the body, face, hands, etc. .. and easily transportable when traveling and the fragrance is irresistible. Her second favorite is the Apricot sap, a super versatile skincare product (day and / or night face treatment, dehydrated part of the body, lips and also for small everyday injuries). And his 3rd crush is Pure Altitude gel, it is magic for the skin of the face (day or / and night) and smells so good!

Where can they be found ?
- On his online store: https://www.lahautcosmethiquesnaturels.com/
- At points of sale and markets: https://www.lahautcosmethiquesnaturels.com/points-de-vente