Little Chipie

Michelle is the creator of the P'tite Chipie brand. She is the mother of two teenagers and married to their adorable daddy. Originally Biennese, she has lived for 25 years in Reconvilier, a small village located in the heart of the Bernese Jura.

Her parents and her training as a food retail worker instilled important values in the way of eating. They went to the forest a lot to look for berries and mushrooms. Her following professions have no connection with nutrition but just a need to self-educate her knowledge and her curiosity, so she went through small credits, IT support, office and accounting manager and the last secretary. -accountable to the social service of his village.

Nothing was planned. It was while watching a report on shower products and soaps sold in a well-known chain that she became aware of what manufacturers sell us as a shower product, and the ingredients from the petrochemicals that are there. hide. Neither once nor twice she tried, for her family, to make cold saponified soap. From the start, out of conviction, she used organic vegetable oils and banned palm oil. It favors natural fragrances and dyes and minimalist packaging.

She was passionate about the manufacturing process. She has read, consulted on the internet, made more or less successful tests. She started giving them to girlfriends, girlfriends girlfriends until one day she found herself selling them in a market. Nothing was planned, everything happened very quickly.

Since 2015, she has made it her main activity, created her brand and developed the website.

Why does his brand have this name? It's always difficult to find a name. She did not want to put forward her first name or her region. And the only one that kept coming back to him was "pestouille". I like to bother. Pestouille which was not very nice, with my husband, we arrived at Chipie. And this is how P'tite Chipie was born.

Out of all the products she makes, what are her favorites? Hard to say, she loves all of her soaps. They are a bit like her little babies, she explains. All the recipes have been designed and thought out to suit either children, adults, men, gardeners ...

Where can I find P'tite Chipie products?
- On its website
- At certain partner markets and shops