M&O Natural

Dennis and Charlotte, husband and wife, founded M&O Naturel in 2014. They live in the Friborg region. Charlotte is trained as a midwife and her husband in customer service. They have two children and their common passion is the creation of organic and 100% natural cosmetics. Their hobbies are family outings in the forest.

Their son had eczema and as a midwife, Charlotte is on the borderline between natural and medical and in this case she wanted to opt for a natural option. Dennis, from the Caribbean, suggested trying butters and vegetable oils. After several attempts at formulations, they found the solution to cure his eczema. They then followed various training courses and created their brand.

Why does their brand have this name? M&O Naturel comes from the no of their children, Molly and Oliver. In addition, reading it gives “Loving naturally”!

What are their favorite products? The Bee Mine mask with Manuka honey, argan oil and neroli which is suitable for all skin types. It is a real delight.

Where can you find M&O Natural products?
- At their shop in Marly in the canton of Friborg
- On the website https://www.monaturel.ch/fr/
- In several pharmacies
- In some Chez Mamie grocery stores
- At some beauticians

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