S&C Natural Cosmetics

Sandrine is the creator of the brand. She is the mother of two little girls aged 6 and 8 and is passionate about natural cosmetics. She lives in Fully in the canton of Valais and it is in this village that she decided to set up her business there, after obtaining her certificate in the manufacture of natural cosmetic products. She quickly developed a nice range of products suitable for the whole family!

Why does his brand have this name? S&C Natural Cosmetics. Sandrine and Cosmetics? Sandrine et Compagnie? No! It simply comes from the initials of the names of her two daughters: Stella and Charlotte.

Sandrine is always full of ideas and has the constant desire to bring out new things; she loves colors, smiles, the sun! She just loves life. Always in a good mood, the creation, the imagination and the passion that she brings to her range of products exceed anything she could have imagined. The support of his family and friends, who are added today to his loyal customers, plays a very important role in the development of his business.

What are his favorite products? The complexion enhancing elixir, this mixture of dry oils, which can be applied both day and night, alone or accompanied by a cream. She loves this feeling of softness on the skin and its fruity scent, which penetrates quickly and does not leave the skin oily. And the star of the stars according to Sandrine: sugar scrubs, which leave your skin soft and hydrated! Sandrine is a fan of her products and in love with the natural, or vice versa!

Where to find S&C Natural Cosmetics products?
- On the website : https://cremesnaturelles.ch/
- At various markets in the canton of Valais and Vaud (they are always mentioned on its Facebook page)
- Via home sales advisers, mentioned on its site.