M&O Natural

M&O Naturel was created by Charlotte and Dennis Julien. They have been married since 2004 and have two children, Molly and Oliver. They are at the origin of the name of their company! Charlotte is a midwife by profession and her husband is in customer service. They have both attended several training courses on the formulation and regulation of organic cosmetics in England and France. Their desire is to help their clients find solutions for their skin problems.

Their shop and laboratory are just outside the city of Friborg. Charlotte is of English descent and Dennis Julien is from the Caribbean.

Why did they create M&O Naturel? Their son suffered from eczema and they did not want to take cortisone at a young age. They then turned to vegetable oils and butters. The results were mind blowing! Friends and family also loved their first products. They wanted a new challenge and they trained themselves to be able to develop a range of natural 100% organic products formulated by themselves. Over the years they have been able to help many clients cope with skin concerns like eczema, various dermatitis and acne.

What are their favorite products? ONE, the targeted treatment against imperfections, the Bee Mine mask and Rosaly exfoliant. Charlotte says it's hard to choose because she loves all of her products!

Where to find the products M&O Natural?

  • The shop in Marly
  • On their website www.monaturel.ch
  • Some products are in the “Chez Mamie” stores (Geneva, Corcelles, Martigny, Monthey, Sion)
  • In the Pharmacie du Marché in Aubonne and at Thiémard in Friborg
  • In the Art & Zen Beauty salons in Cudrefin, Clair de Lune in Broc, Bel & Zen in Gumefens