Les P'tites Chenoilles

Dawn is 31 years old and is the wife, wife and mother of two Chenoilles. As a child, she started sewing with her maternal grandmother, who was a seamstress by trade and transmitted the virus to her. She then continued by obtaining her CFC as a clothing designer and today she is fortunate to be able to exercise her passion as a job while being present to watch her children grow up. She lives in the canton of Friborg, in the depths of the countryside in Villarsel-le-Gibloux.

She launched her brand because she wanted to be more than “at home”. He missed his passion, and salaried work was never his thing. It was therefore natural that she decided to become an independent entrepreneur.

Why does his brand have this name? Because it smells like his childhood. Because she sees herself again with her sister and her cousins playing in the garden, inventing a thousand and one adventures. Climbing trees, chasing each other, getting their clothes dirty rolling in the mud and grass. Then join the family to eat together around the table. Because she hears this word, right there, from the mouth of my maternal grandfather “Chenoille” (as well as petolette, batoye, taguenet, gulu, maximoum and co, but hey… let's move on 😂). Because she is proud of him, of his strength and courage and that he is part of her. Because she still hopes to keep this little grain of madness, this oak side, this mischievous little child inside me. 

“Les P'tites Chenoilles” is quite simply the name that suits her and perfectly reflects her little clients (she always gets carried away when she talks about her brand name ^^)

What are his favorite creations? She loves all of her creations, otherwise she wouldn't do them. But, she particularly loves making cotton dresses, health book covers and baby teeth.

Where can you find its products?
- On social networks: on Facebook and Instagram.
- Sure ialoo.ch

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