Katia is the creator of the Kaline brand. She lives in Vulliens, in the canton of Vaud and defines herself as a human being in search of balance between earth and sky, in search of happiness in simplicity. She has several training courses to her knowledge: an apprenticeship as an office worker, and independent psychiatric nurse. She is currently training in majesty, but still has plenty of other completed training behind her! (plantar reflexology, lymphatic drainage Vodder (recognized by ASCA and RME), plant school currently called Alchemilla, singing bowl, dien cham… the list goes on! 

Why does his brand have this name? She loves the letter K, and Kaline represents sweetness to yourself with simplicity and lightness. It's an invitation to take care of yourself! At first, she said it was like a game of creation and experience, she started in her kitchen elsewhere. Then her creations were timidly released outside (to her girlfriends) then she started to do markets, to create a website (thanks to her husband!) And she started to have shops as a point of sale, and all this over 8-10 years. When she makes balms it's her artistic creative side and she feels fulfilled! His creations are as simple as possible with ingredients from organic farming, the power of naturalness. It does not add a preservative because essential oils and beeswax work wonderfully.

What are his favorite products? She loves them all, but the most successful one is Venus facial balm (mature skin), which is a wonderful discovery!

Where to find KAline products?
- At the Steiner school in Bois Genoud, Crissier.
- La Brouette, Lausanne
- Mézières, Servion and Vulliens (VD)
- Mamie Chablais, Châble in Valais
For a more complete list consult the site:  kaline.ch