Green Bark

Ecorce Verte was created in 2015 by two people, a mother-son duo.
First of all there is Sylviane, born in 1959, teacher by training. Before the creation of Ecorce Verte, she attended various professional training courses in aromatherapy, saponification and creation of cosmetic products. His knowledge, resulting from a former training in accountancy is also very useful to the company: thus, nothing is lost! Sylviane is passionate about continuous learning and enjoys taking on the challenges of new projects. Outside of Ecorce Verte, Sylviane enjoys, among other things, history and mathematics, doing lots of things herself (flour and bread, household products, gardening, etc.), cross-country skiing, running as well as teas and herbal teas.
Then there is Melvic, born in 1992, without a precise profession before the creation of Ecorce Verte when he was 23 years old and he was graduating from university in sports sciences. Melvic was trained, and continues to train, on entrepreneurship in general and the different elements that make a business last or not over time. He is also passionate about the creation and development of sustainable businesses motivated by goals other than financial success. Apart from Ecorce Verte, Melvic enjoys sports in general, board games, long discussions and large green spaces.

Ecorce Verte is in a way the fruit of a progressive reflection and a slow evolution. In the early 2000s, Sylviane began to ask questions about family food. As her research progresses, she becomes aware of the abuses of the industry: food, cleaning products, medicines and cosmetics, her daily life and that of her two children are riddled with harmful products of all kinds. It therefore turned to organic agriculture and unrefined foodstuffs, then eliminated its conventional cleaning products in favor of natural homemade products, much more respectful of the environment. Fascinated by the richness of nature, she is also interested in essential oils and their virtues. Well aware of the benefits and dangers that this represents, she then follows several training courses in aromatherapy in order to better control what she does. From essential oils to organic cosmetic products there is only one step, and it is by following several professional trainings on the manufacture of natural cosmetics and cold saponification that she takes it. While she plans to make and sell a few products for fun, Melvic encourages her to start a real business and not just a sidekick. They finally joined forces in 2015 to create Ecorce Verte, a sustainable company based on the values of health, ecology and ethics.

Green Ecorce products are produced by them in their laboratory, located in Chapelle-sur-Moudon in the canton of Vaud.

Why does their brand have this name? It was not an easy task for them to find a name and a lot of ink flowed during many days! In the end Ecorce Verte symbolizes different things for them: nature above all, the skin (the bark is in a way the skin of the tree, its protection), the trees (which have a fundamental role in our ecosystem), and a whole philosophy of life respecting the environment in which we find ourselves. Over time, people also share their interpretations with them, which always makes us happy and nourishes our brand. For example, someone pointed out to them that Green Bark started with “Eco”, which is basically completely unintentional on their part.

What are their favorite products?
Sylviane: face cream for mature skin associated with cleansing oil, the deodorant and the Ghassoul shampoo.
Melvic: Deodorant, lip balm and shaving soap.

Where to find Green Bark products?
- On the website
- In some shops in Romandie, here are the points of sale: 
- During weekly markets or a more specific event: they are every week in Lausanne, Morges and Bulle, and they also do other craft markets, fairs, etc. elsewhere. The complete market calendar can be found on