Good Mood Sparkle

Alexia and Camille are the founders of the brand. Alexia, after commercial studies, created her first brand of artisan cosmetics in 2010. She quit in 2014 to resume studies to become an economics and mathematics teacher. Camille, a boat maintenance agent by training, then undertook a professional maturity and is currently in professional retraining to move into the field of accounting and finance. Do-it-yourself and sewing have always been part of her life, as well as baking.

In 2017, Camille and Alexia met and saw each other often to do creative activities together. The crazy idea of having Christmas markets germinated in their little heads and that's how it all started. They found a great way to express their creativity and share their joie de vivre! With an explosion of glitter, they created Good Mood Sparkle ! It is therefore quite natural that they decided to offer cosmetics as well as decorative objects and handmade accessories! The two young women live on the Lake Geneva coast and the products are made in Apples and Gland.

Why does their brand have this name? Their goal was to transmit their joie de vivre through their products. Good Mood Sparkle means spark of good humor. This name seemed obvious to them since most of their products contain glitter.

What are their favorite products? For Alexia: The makeup remover Wash My Makeup Away and the scrub Cotton candy work miracles on her dry skin, she couldn't do without it! For Camille: the body scrub Let It Shine which makes her crocodile skin silky and she also loves their Wash My Makeup Away makeup remover because it does not attack her skin!

Where to find Good Mood Sparkle products?
- On the website :
- At professionals: Natacha Emery Makeup Workshop in Bursins, Emilie Braun nail protector in Payerne
- In store: Bio Léman in Gland
- In Boxes: Myrtilla Box, My Wedding Box

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