From Letters to Letters

Anaïs is the creator of De Lettres en Lettres. She is 34 years old and lives in Gurmels in the canton of Friborg, on the Swiss German border of the canton. His core business is retail manager, which does him good service every day. Her passions are reading and TV series.

Why does his site have this name? Because at the beginning she had started to make fabric letters, but she very quickly turned to zero waste, because it interests her more.

What are his favorite products? The paper towels because they are great to do and very practical. His eternal fight will be that of sanitary napkins so that we stop the industrial and that we use products good for health. She takes great pleasure in doing them because she knows that it makes a difference!

Where to find De Lettres en Lettres products?
- On the website :
- It also makes several markets per year. Information can be found on social networks. She is very present on Instagram.