Chantal is the creator of the Ecoloo brand. She is Canadian and has lived in Switzerland since 2010.

She is an accountant by training and opened her Ecoloo store at the end of 2019 (fifty-something crisis, she thinks, because she left her job and started as a full-time independent! She has had the Bebiboo baby range for 15 years already. The store is located in Rolle sur la Côte.  

Why does his brand have this name? As she had the Bebiboo brand for 15 years, Ecoloo with 2 “o” seemed obvious to her! The 2 brands are in harmony both in terms of name and logo. Both are ethical and promote “consume less, consume better”.

What are the reasons that made her launch her brand? Life goes by so fast! You have to realize your dreams and dare to jump into the void! It took him many years to be brave enough to do it. She thanks her partner and her children who pushed her into the void 🙂

What are his favorite products? She has a lot of fun making baby accessories with all the pretty colors and fabrics! You will notice that zero waste accessories do not escape her desire to color her life and that of her customers!

Where can I find Ecoloo products?
- At the Ecoloo store in Rolle, where there is also the Bebiboo brand, but also around twenty Swiss brands too! All ethical and ecological products to give meaning to our time on earth.
- On its website