Bilonda is the creator of the Eaucapi brand. She will soon be 40 years old, she is married and the mother of 2 daughters. She juggles between the education of my children and the management of her small business Eaucapi Cosmetics. She lives in the Chavannes-près-Renens region, in the canton of Vaud.

She couldn't find hair products effective enough to tame her daughters' mixed-race hair, it was either too heavy, oily, or not effective enough. By observing the composition of industrial cosmetics, she also became aware of the impact that these chemicals could also have on them. She began to concoct "home-made" products. Seeing the beautiful curly hair her daughters have, she was often asked where to find the products with which she styled them. As she had more and more demand, her husband suggested that she launch his brand!

Why does his brand have this name? The okapi is an animal found in its country of origin, the Congo. Water being the basis of its hair products, it is therefore naturally that it called its brand Eaucapi. The interbreeding really inspired her. By combining natural resources from here and elsewhere as well as the expertise of Swiss aromatherapy specialists, it currently presents a range of treatments for all types of hair. She remembered her early childhood when her mother took care of the whole family with natural products. Since then, she has been producing complete care for all types of curly, mixed, afro and straight hair, based on natural and / or organic 99% products. 

What are his favorite products? She likes all of her products, it's difficult to choose, she explains. On the other hand, it can cite the favorite products of its customers: shea milk (leave-in conditioner, which was the one that was in the November box!), merlingue (seed-based moisturizing gel), Capi water (detangling with sweet almond oil) and shampoo (olive honey).

Where to find Eaucapi products?
- On the website : https://eaucapi.ch/
In some grocery stores and hair salons:
- Epicerie la Brouette in Lausanne
- Nature en Vrac in Geneva in Geneva
- Naturally Bulk in Châtel Saint-Denis
- La Ruche Eco in Echallens
- Pra-Roman Coiffure in Lausanne
- Tropic Soleil in Renens