Dream of bubbles

Maya Corminboeuf is 42 years old and lives in the canton of Friborg, in the village of Neyruz. She is a mother, biologist, soap maker and creator of Rêve de Bulles natural cosmetics. She has a university education in biology and has worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry in cancer research and then in vaccines. Then she worked for several years in consumer protection at the Federal Office of Public Health, in the risk assessment of chemicals. This work made her aware of the significant exposure of dangerous substances that we face on a daily basis. She wanted to avoid these harmful substances for her children, by formulating healthy and natural cosmetics, mainly composed of organic raw materials. 

At the request of her friends, she began to sell them her creations and to make “miracle creams” for the various ailments of everyday life. Then it launched into the markets, first with soaps, then with other products. She did it as a hobby, then it took more and more space until it became her main activity in September 2019.

Why does his brand have this name? When she started making soaps in 2014, she thought only of that. It is possible to incorporate quantities of different substances, plant extracts… the variations are endless! It was really exciting to test. Everything made him think of his future soaps. She even dreamed of it at night! 

Out of all the products she makes, what are her favorites?  The products she prefers to make are the soaps, because they leave room for creativity. The products she prefers to use are whipped cream (shea, coconut and cocoa). Their effect on the skin is true a delight! She also loves solid shampoos which are incredibly easy to use, especially on children because they rinse very quickly. 

Where can you find Rêve de Bulles products?
- At various distributors in the Friborg region
- At his home store
- On the online store www.revedebulles.ch.
- Some Friborg therapeutic masseurs also use its massage oils.
- The detailed list of outlets and scheduled markets are available here: http://revedebulles.ch/points-de-vente/