Blue Forest

Emmanuelle is the creator of the Forêt Bleue brand. She was raised in Geneva by a beautician mother and has been rocked by cosmetics from a young age. As a child, she spent a fair amount of time in her mother's institute, trying her products, discovering new smells, textures, learning about the skin and how to take care of it. Growing up, she became aware of various causes such as ecology and peace, and she began to dream of having a positive impact on the world through her future job, not yet knowing how.

She completed university studies in international relations and socioeconomics with the aim of a career in international cooperation. After her studies, her professional experiences led her to leave Switzerland for 2 years to live in South Africa, Senegal, then Lebanon. She then returned to Geneva where she worked for 2 years at the World Economic Forum. This experience led her to fascinating encounters, and above all to discovering the world of entrepreneurship. It was during this experience that the Blue Forest project was born.

In fact, she began to manufacture her own household and cosmetic products for her personal use, in an ecological approach, and for lack of confidence in commercial products. This process quickly became a hobby, then a passion. She started to study artisan cosmetics in depth, then the idea of creating her own brand sprouted naturally, until it became obvious. She then trained professionally and quit her job at the end of June 2017, to launch her brand in August of that year. She is now 30 years old.

Why does his brand have this name? “Forêt Bleue” comes from his favorite dessert, the Black Forest. She wanted to wink at her other passion, food. “Forêt” recalls green, nature, ecology, fundamental elements of its brand. “Bleu” recalls the sky, the water, so again nature, and the “Forêt Bleue” blend evokes a magical and poetic nature.

What are his favorite products? The bamboo serum because it finds the sensation of the skin incredible after its application, and the solid monoi shampoo because she could not do without it.

Where can you find Forêt Bleue products?
- on his online store 
- and from its network of resellers (list available here)