Organic attitude

Behind Organic attitude there is a team of around 15 people, with the organic world at heart, through the food and cosmetic brands they have been distributing in Switzerland for 15 years. The founder of Attitude Bio has hobbies around this same passion, mainly organic viticulture! For 14 years, Couleur Caramel natural makeup treatment has been an integral part of their assortment - the brand simply corresponds to their values! You will find resellers throughout Switzerland, but the Attitude Bio institute shop is nestled in the heart of Carouge.

Why does their brand have this name? These are the key words that seemed to them to convey their raison d'être: Attitude & Bio. They wanted to contribute to the building of a better world. And since we eat several kg of lipstick in a lifetime, as much as it is organic!

What are their favorite products? As distributors / wholesalers of organic products, they select products according to their composition and current trends. They particularly appreciate their mascaras & complexion correctors and the Sculpt & Glow range of Couleur Caramel to redesign the face!

Where can we find their products?
In pharmacies and drugstores, organic stores, beauty salons and on
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