Fanny is the creator of the Artélice brand. She lives in Cugy in the canton of Vaud, she is 39 years old and is the mother of 2 children. She trained as a laboratory technician in pharma-biology and then continued her studies by training as an engineer in food technology & biotechnology and a CAS in human nutrition. She is currently working in the development of clinical products. 
Along with her studies, she has always been attracted and passionate about natural medicines. She trained as a Usui Reiki practitioner in 2006, then she immersed herself in the wonderful world of aromatherapy. After several years of training and practice, she obtained my aromatherapist diploma from the Romande School of Aromatherapy in 2017.

If the desire to create her own brand had been tickling her for a few years now, it was when her daughter was born in 2014 that she embarked on the Artélice adventure. 
The idea was to create a whole range of baby care products, from liniment to massage oil. And since taking care of your baby is also taking care of yourself, she created the Mum with Love line, then the Princesses & Pirates line because her big brother also needed us to take care of him. And as life went on, travels, desires and wishes from those around him, were added to the other ranges offered by Artélice.

Why does his brand have this name? In the name Artélice, is the synergy of the name of her two children, Arthur & Alice because they are the ones who give her this vital energy and this pleasure of taking care of others.

What are his favorite products? Very difficult to choose… she believes that the range of solid shampoos is essential 😉 She uses for herself thee StoP'andrils ! She would also mention in her favorite products the metamorphosis balm. It is the essential care for all the little skin concerns. In the family, they have pots in every corner of the house so much they use it! In the “daily care” category, it is impossible for him not to mention the sublime facial care. Flavoring and the solid deodorant which are part of its essentials.

Where to find Artélice products?
- On the website :
- In certain markets: Etagnières, Cugy, Cossonay & Froideville. All the info on its next markets are here.
- At the markets of Maupas in Froideville on the 1st Saturday of each month.
- In some grocery stores: Les Sens de la Terre in La Sarraz and Cap sur le Vrac in Neyruz (which will soon be moving to Marly). More info here.
- And of course also in the Myrtilla Box 😀