API Care

Catherine and Martine are the creators of the Api-Care brand. Catherine has a master's degree in history, so Martine took legal training. Suffice to say that at the start nothing predestined them to join forces to create and offer products related to “zero-waste” values! And yet their adventure began with friendship, because they have always been friends. They share the same interests in nature, the environment, human relations and health-related subjects.

Then one day Martine was looking for someone to turn to to make small care wipes intended for a charity sale for a social action, she of course turned to her friend Catherine, who is passionate about sewing. They liked the idea so much that they decided to go further and design their products from A to Z, with quality materials, as well as sustainable and responsible manufacturing! They got caught up in the game by imagining a name, then a logo to represent their brand: api was born!

Based in Gruyère since the beginning of its creation, their small business was born at the end of 2017. Today they collaborate with a partner workshop located in an institution located in the canton of Friborg. Since then, they have not stopped coming up with ideas for new products and they are happy to be able to offer their creations at many points of sale in Switzerland!

Why does their brand have this name? You should know that at the very beginning of their collaboration, there was talk of Catherine making the wipes and Martine taking care of the manufacture of care products for which she had received training. Their goal was to return to their roots and they wanted to offer products with original formulas, such as “Cérat de Galien” made, among other things, from honey. Knowing that the term ointment, attested since the 16th century, comes from the Italian "pomata" (apple ointment), and that the Romans often flavored their preparations with the apple of api, their name was quickly found. Their logo followed, representing a face with a smile. Api was born! (Except Martine never had time to take care of the manufacture of cosmetics, because they were quickly caught up by the demand for small wipes. Today their activity is mainly focused on the manufacture and marketing of products in “zero-waste” textiles, but their “flagship products” are still small wipes!

Where to find Api-Care products?
- On their website: https://api-care.ch/