That's it, the box is launched !!

The first time that the idea of creating a box crossed my mind was in November / December 2018. At work it was not going well and I thought it might be neat to sell something which suits me and which I like, and that it could take my mind off my work.

Finally things made that I was able to quit my job faster than expected, and I told myself that this was the opportunity to get started!

I like boxes because I find the principle of not knowing the content in advance and receiving products we don't know really cool! And for several months I have been trying to consume better, by buying natural products in particular, or by favoring local artisans. Moreover, I am making more and more purchases at the various farms in the region and when possible I prefer small businesses in the region.

So I had the idea of the box, but I wanted to put lots of things in it! At the beginning I also wanted to integrate products from other Swiss stores (eBeautyandCare and Cosmetics Obsession) that I wanted to support and whose work and products I like, but it was not as easy as expected and of the suddenly this is only postponed! I will already start with this one and then I will see if I can integrate new boxes.

But now, after presenting the project to you on my blog at the end of February 2019, I really decided to embark on this adventure, especially given the enthusiasm for the project! In fact, in less than a week I received almost 200 responses to my survey. I did not believe that it interests you so much! 😀 And suddenly my darling, who is a web developer, got to work, every day he worked on this site to make it perfect for me and today it is finally ready and published!

As I write these lines I still dread the reactions a little, I hope you will like the products and that you will make great discoveries! The goal of this box is really to highlight the work of Swiss craftsmen and also to make you discover some zero waste products and natural makeup 🙂

To conclude, I thank you for being there, for following me in this adventure and for all the support I have received through my blog and social networks! 😀


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