Good QoQa DireQt

The website, in partnership with La Vaudoise Assurance, Le Groupe Mutuel and the FRC, offers a platform to support Swiss SMEs by offering you the possibility of purchasing vouchers at preferential prices!

How does it work ?

You can choose between vouchers worth CHF 10.-, CHF 20.- and CHF 50.-, you will benefit from a discount of 10% for businesses marked “purchase”, then insert your QoQa DireQt voucher in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a gift voucher to use on our website.

For example, a voucher worth CHF 50.- will be invoiced to you CHF 45.- and a surplus will be redistributed to SMEs by QoQa partners.

Click here to buy a usable voucher on

How does this support SMEs?

QoQa and its partners undertake to return the sums spent on the purchase of the vouchers + a surplus of 20% to traders, allowing you to take advantage of an attractive discount while supporting the local economy during the confinement period.

We already thank all the people who participated in this initiative and invite you to visit the QoQa DireQt site to discover all the offers available.

QoQa DireQt website

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