FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Myrtilla Box contain?
The Myrtilla Box contains each time a washable cotton made by hand in Switzerland, three treatments (one for the face, one for the body and one for the hair) all made by hand in Switzerland, and for the last product, you have the choice between receive natural / organic make-up (not Swiss on the other hand) or another artisanal care. You can choose the option you prefer in your beauty profile !
And in each box there is also a small booklet that explains why this or that product was chosen, how we recommend using it, what region of Switzerland it comes from and where you can buy it if you like!

Is the total value of the products greater than the price of the box I buy?
Yes ! We make it a point of honor that the value of the products is greater than the price of the box, but the value is also measured in the quality of the products you receive, the time required to find craftsmen and the support you receive. you bring to these local artisans.

I want to buy only one box. How to do ?
You can buy a single Myrtilla Box by clicking on “I offer the box”And you can then choose whether it is for you or to give it to someone! There will be no automatic renewal.

My subscription renews each time, but I want to stop it. What to do ?
You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account, and reactivate it as soon as you want!

In my beauty profile I chose the makeup option, but I want to change.
Simply go to your account, and change the option in your beauty profile ! Same if you want to receive a skincare product rather than makeup.

I want to buy a 2 or 3 box subscription, and I would like to choose the makeup option. Is it possible to receive care instead of makeup, every other month?
Yes of course ! You can edit your beauty profile whenever you want! You can alternate or always receive the same option, it's really up to you, you just have to modify the option before the end of the commands!

I am a man and I would like to buy myself the box. Will it contain makeup?
It all depends on your choice. In your beauty profile you can check the makeup option, if you want. Otherwise you will receive treatment instead. You can also indicate if you have a beard or / and mustache, and you will receive appropriate care!

I would like to offer or buy a subscription of several boxes, but I do not want it to be renewed, it's just to discover the concept. How to do ?
It's simple, once the payment is validated, you can go directly to your account and on the right there is a “subscriptions” tab. You click on “cancel” and it's done! If you do not click on “cancel”, the subscription will renew automatically.

I am a craftsman and I would like my products to be in your box one day. What is the process?
Great, I'm always looking for new artisans! You can, without others, write us an e-mail at info@myrtillabox.ch by presenting your brand to us and indicating your website. I will discover your site and we will discuss it!

How are the products selected for each box?
We want to test the products we select in each box, so in general we receive a selection of products from artisans and we test them over several weeks before making our choices. We know that our opinion is not unanimous, but we really want to put products that we like too! And sometimes we also have them tested by our relatives, to have their opinion, before they are in the boxes.

Why did you create the Myrtilla Box?
Roberta talked about it at length in this article if this interests you ! 🙂 But if you don't want to read it all, Roberta created the Myrtilla Box with the help of her companion Simon, to be able to make people discover effective cosmetics without ingredients harmful to our body, and to show that 'there are also other products than those sold in large retailers. Handmade products, by artisans from the region and with natural ingredients!

Why is the box delivered every 2 months?
In order to avoid overconsumption of products, but also to give craftsmen time to manufacture them, because each order is personalized according to your needs!

Ok, I buy the box! 😀