12 ways to use a fabric bag!

Cloth bags are used more and more lately! And for good reason, they have many advantages and are ideal for avoiding waste. But other than buying food in bulk, what other uses can it be used for?

Here are my 12 ideas for using a fabric bag differently!

Large bags:

  • To carry a book in your purse without the cover getting damaged
  • To carry makeup or care when traveling
  • To store underwear or socks in your suitcase
  • To store / transport bread from the bakery
  • To wrap a Christmas present without making waste
  • To transport a sandwich (picnic, work, lessons ...)

Small bags:

  • So that your child can take his playtime there!
  • To put in some nuts and oleaginous fruits to eat during a car trip, or at work, at school ...
  • To store sunglasses
  • To transport sanitary napkins, tampons or cups (washable or disposable, but before use)
  • To take to the bakery when buying pastries
  • To store your mask 😉 (#covid)

And you, how do you use your fabric bags?

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